Welcome to my site!

Thanks for joining me! I hope you enjoy these anecdotes and reflections on my life as a freelance writer, sort of living an ex-pat life. I say sort of, because I do not participate greatly in the ex-pat community. I say that I write and create the way other people go to bars or watch tv. My friends are Central American, and I speak Spanish to them. They put up with my Spanish being imperfect. It all works out somehow.

Regarding the title: I live about a mile and half above sea level, in a village outside of our second largest city. I live without heat, hot water, an oven, and many other small luxuries we always took for granted in the US. Often, I do not have running water and our electricity constantly goes out. My income is very limited at the moment, and I often do not have money for full meals. I travel a lot for hours at a time by public transportation- and this is an abysmal way to travel for a woman. I have learned to hold my pee, among other things for half a day at a time.

I have been working here in professional international development for 15 years, living in country for just over half of that time. I wrote my first novel at age 9, and have literally been writing all of my life. Although I have an author profile on Goodreads, and a portfolio of written work on Writerscafe, I wanted to start a writer’s blog to better talk about the process of writing itself. It is my hope that my reaching in this manner, helps others feel less lonely in their own journeys.


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